Face – Eyes, Lashes and Brows


Lash Lifting

Reveal your natural lashes in all their glory! Lifting each eyelash individually this treatment gives the appearance of length and volume to your natural lash without any maintenance required. Included in this treatment is an eyelash tint to further define the eyes. Please note patch testing is needed for both the lift and tint at least 48 hours before the treatments.

Treatment time: 45 minutes

Price: £45.00


Eyelash Extensions
Have meaningful eyes with individual eyelash extensions creating volume, length and thickness. Natural looking and lightweight with no need to wear mascara! Lashes will require replenishment.
Patch test required.

Full Set: £70
Replenishment within two weeks (recommended): £45
Replenishment in excess of two weeks: add £10 per week

Tinting and Shaping
Please note a patch test is required at least 24 hours before tinting.
Eyelash Tint: £16
Eyebrow Tint: £9
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint: £24
Eyebrow Shape: £12
Eyebrow Shape and Tint: £20

JI Brows £30

A complete brow treatment to shape and enhance the natural brow. A combination of waxing, threading, tinting shape the brow into a natural yet ‘finished’ look and this is then topped off with the application of Jane Iredale mineral eyebrow make up to complete the look.