Massage Treatments For Your Body


Our body treatments concentrate on you and your needs as an individual, providing natural therapies and relaxation massage to uplift your spirits, restoring wellbeing and balance to your life. Gift vouchers are available.


RARE Rose Experience

Warm, balancing Rose Oil is inhaled and applied to the body with light, soothing movements to help you unwind and enhance tranquility. Includes a pressure point massage, face and scalp massage.

Price: £70

Personalised Massage therapy
A deep and meaningful body massage designed to open and release muscle tension in tight, tired muscles and joints. Using intensive deep tissue techniques to warm, manipulate and ease muscles with stretching and drainage to disperse toxins.
Time: 1 hour (Full body)
Price: £65

Time: 30 minutes (Back neck and shoulder)
Price: £38

Body and mind

A decadent treat of 3 combined treatments to carry you off into a state of relaxation and calm. This treatment starts with a back exfoliation treatment, moving into a back massage and then culminates in a head massage.

Time: 45 minutes

Price £50

Drift Away
Focusing on the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and head. Warm oil is applied to the scalp enhancing blood circulation, relaxing muscle and nerve fibres while refreshing both mind and body. Ideal for migraine and sinus sufferers.
Time: 30 minutes
Price: £38

Hopi Ear Treatment
An ancient mild and natural therapy that creates warmth in the ear, aiding the treatment of sinusitis, rhinitis, earwax, earache and irritation of the ears including tinnitus. Relaxing and calming.
Time: 40 minutes
Price: £40

LaStone Massage
Contrasting hot basalt stones and cool marble stones are used to provide a unique therapy through a carefully delivered massage and placement techniques. The use of alternating temperature helps every cell in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients, invigorates circulation, boosts the body’s ability to release toxins, and reduces inflammation and congestion – a totally amazing experience!

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: £100

Hot Stone Massage
A full body massage using hot basalt stones to soothe aching tight muscles and enhance relaxation.

Full Body
Time: 1 hour
Price: £70

Back, Neck and Shoulders
Time: 30 minutes
Price: £40


Using essential oils this flowing massage creates relaxation for both the body and senses. Tailoring oil blends for you, we can create the perfect tool to whisk you away into a deep sense of relaxation and calm.
Full body  – Time: 1 hour – Price: £70
Back, neck and shoulder – Time: 30 minutes – Price: £40

An ancient healing art that treats the “whole” person. Reflexology focuses on specific reflex points on the feet. Applying pressure massage to these reflexes helps to rebalance energy in the body and stimulate a natural healing response. The overall sensation of reflexology is both soothing and relaxing.
Time: 45 minutes
Price: £45


Purifying Back Treatment
Relax with our super smoothing back treatment designed to rid your muscles of stress and your skin of impurities. A deep cleansing back scrub is followed by extractions as required and a “Rare” massage for your back’s most stressed out parts.
Time: 30 minutes
Price: £50